21 May 2015
  • Code hightlight syntax issue: I tried to use the familiar triple ` syntax, but Jekyll keeps generating funky results. I have to switch to

    {% highlight javascript %}
    {% endhighlight %}

    to get the right result. Note that the double quotes in the syntax were put to prevent the text been converted.

  • Having pages build failure issuse: When I first encountered the code highlighting issue, I tried rouge highlighter and it worked under localhost. But when I pushed the repository to Github, pages build failures happened. After some digging, I found the follow document. Quote: “ Although Jekyll lets you define your own highlighter, at this time GitHub Pages only supports pygments. … Using rouge or any other highlighter results in a build error.
  • The highlighter issue hasn’t been fixed yet. I have to use rouge for local host and change to pygments for pushing.
  • The Markdown syntax in Jekyll is somehow weird. For example, it takes two tabs to create sub-list under a list.
  • ToDoList
    1. Embed d3.js in post.

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